HyFlex - Flexible Working Solution

HyFlex is an innovative solution created to replace the conventional 9-to-5 working model and bring more flexible options to modern companies. With HyFlex, you can minimize the cost for your business while maintaining the same productivity in a contemporary workspace.

Hybrid Serviced Office For Ultimate Flexibility


Are hybrid working models similar to HyFlex?

HyFlex is an alternative option to private office solutions. With HyFlex, companies can choose a specific day to work rather than renting the whole space for 1 month. This option is ideal for businesses focusing on remote working that still require an office to facilitate meetings and collaboration.

How can HyFlex compare to other services?

– No long-term rentals required. With HyFlex, you can start with one day per week and increase as you go.

– HyFlex options allow you to choose any day to go to work. It can be any day between Monday to Friday.

– Shorter commitment time frames starting from 3 months.

Can I book a HyFlex workspace online?

HiLink provides you with a complete and seamless online process that allows you to select a location, office size and a specific day of the week. You will then be able to make full payments online and sign an e-contract before accessing your new hybrid office.

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